Medical Services

Audiometry and Speech

Audiometry and Speech

Audiometry and Speech Therapy
Audiometry is the testing of hearing ability. Typically, audiometric tests determine a subject's hearing levels with the help of an audiometer, but may also measure ability to discriminate between different sound intensities, recognize pitch, or distinguished speech from background noise.

Speech and language Therapy
Communication includes speech (articulation, intonation, rate, intensity, voice, resonance, fluency), language (phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics), both receptive and expressive language (including reading and writing), and non-verbal communication such as facial expression, posture and gesture. Swallowing problems managed under speech therapy are problems in the oral and pharyngeal stages of swallowing (not oesophageal).

Location: Old Building no.02, Ground Floor.

Contact Person: Dr. Jovita Crasto

Tuesday & Friday 09:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Colour Doppler

Colour Droppler Study

a. Carotid Doppler or 4 Vessels Doppler-By appointment only
b. Scrottam (No fasting and need to drink water).
c. Renal Doppler (Four hrs fasting before the study)-By appointment only
d. Arterial and Venous Doppler (No fasting and no preparation)-By appointment
e. Peripheral artery and musculo-skeleton and small parts -By appointment only

Full Time Sonologist : Dr.Michelle Pereira
Full Time Sonologist : Dr.Pankaj Patil

Location: New Building, Ground Floor, Room No: 4

Timing - 09.30 am to 01.00 pm & 05.00 pm to 07.00 pm

C.T. Scan

CT Scan Centre

Full body scanning services are offered at Nidan C. T. Scan Centre which is open for 24 hours.

Tel. No. – 2321386 / 2321401

Regular timings – 09.00 am to 05.00 pm.

Emergency service available.

Dental Care

Dental Department

Dental treatments are as follows.

• Extraction
• All types of filling
• Light cure filling
• Pulpotomy
• Root canal treatment
• Oral Prophylaxis
• Gum Treatment
• Gingemuectomy
• Flap operation
• Surgical Extraction Apicoectomy cyst
• Denture work
• Crown of Bridge
• Maxillofacial operation

Location: Building no.3, Ground Floor, Room no.17A /17B

Attending Dentists

Dr.Arun Arora:            Mon to Sat 11.00 am to 12.30 pm
                                   Mon 07.00 pm to 07.30 pm
Dr.Apurva Pednikar : Mon to Sat 04.00 pm to 07.00 pm
Dr.Maria Dsouza :      Mon to Sat 08.00 am to 09.30 am
Dr.Sedrica D'costa :   Mon To Sat 08.00 am to 09.30 am
Dr. Barry Fernandes  Mon to Sat. 09.30 am to 11.00 am

Fulltime Dentists
Dr.Jasmin Rupani :    Tue to Sat 09.30 am to 01.00 pm & 03.30 pm to 07.00 pm




In Hemodialysis, the patient's blood is pumped through the blood compartment of a dialyzer, exposing it to a partially permeable membrane which purifies the blood.

Hemodialysis Machines- 14
I.C.C.U- 1

Hon’ble Doctor – Dr. K. Mahesh Prasad (Nephrologist)

Location – Building No. 2, Ground Floor


Electrocardiogram (E.C.G )

ECG is a Graphical representation of the electrical activity of the heart muscles.
Changes in ECG indicate heart disease which requires immediate consultation and treatment.

Location – New Building No. 3, Ground Floor, Room No. 08

Time – 07.00 am to 03.00pm

Emergency service available.


Electroencephalography (EEG)

Electroencephalography (EEG) is the recording of electrical activity along the scalp produced by the firing of neurons within the brain.. In neurology, the main diagnostic application of EEG is in case of epilepsy, as epileptic activity can create clear abnormalities on a standard EEG study. A secondary clinical use of EEG is in the diagnosis of coma, encephalopathies, and brain death. EEG is the first-line method for the diagnosis of tumors, stroke and other focal brain disorders

Location: New Building No.3, Gound Floor, Room no.15

Timing: 04.00 Pm to 06.00 Pm (Except Sunday)

Contact Person: Mr.Avdhut Joshi



Consultant: Dr. Venkat Goyal & Dr. Medhekar

Timing & Day: By appointment only

Location: New Building, Ground Floor, Room No: 4

Phone: 2325018 / 2324220 / 2325019 Ext. 115/116

Cardiologist:  Dr.Medhekar



Endoscopy is a minimally invasive diagnostic medical procedure that is used to assess the interior surfaces of an organ by inserting a tube into the body.

Location: Old Building No.2, Second Floor, Endoscopy Department

Timing: Tuesday 09.30 am to 12.30 pm

Hon’ble Doctor : Dr Ameet Mandot
Timing: Tue 09.30 am to 12.30 pm

Hon’ble Doctor: Dr. Praveenkumar Zha
Timing: Fri 10.00 am to 11.00 pm

Ext. 323/324

Intensive Care Unit


We have 20 bedded ICCU which is well equipped with bed side Multipara Monitors, Computerized ECG Machine,Temporary Pace Maker,ARTS Dialysis Machine,5 Ventilators – New Port Respirators, ABG Machine, Pulse-Oximeter, Central Supply – Oxygen line etc.and also well trained resident doctors and nurses who provide comprehensive service to the patient round the clock.

MD Physician: Hon’ble Doctor– Dr. Poonam Wankhede,
                            Dr. Hemant Wagh

Location – New Building no.03, 2 nd Floor, Bed no. 222 to 235



Mammography  is the process of using low-dose amplitude   X-rays (usually around 0.7 mSv) to examine the women breast and is used as a diagnostic as well as a screening tool. The Goal of Mammography is the early detection of breast cancer.

Machine: Siemens 1000

Location: New Building no.3, Ground Floor, Room No. 2

Timing: Morning 08.00 Am to 04.00 Pm (Except Sunday)

O.T (Opration Theater)

Operation Theatre

We have well equipped Three Operation Theatres
. Theatres with imported Macquet O.T. Table Modern Anesthesia Machine, Autoclaves, Multi-parameter Monitor, Pulse-oximeter, Operating Microscope, Pheco-machine for eye-operation.
Operations are scheduled by surgeons as per their availability and need of the patient.We perform General surgery, Ortho, ENT, EYE, Neuro, Hip Replacement, Plastic Surgery, Dental surgery, Diabetic foot and Urology surgeries.

Another Milestone In The History Of Cardinal Gracias Memorial Hospital.

First time in Vasai we introduced Luminar Flow Operation
Theater !!!!!!!!!

First Total Knee Replacement (TKR) surgery is performed on 06th June 2011 by
Dr. Parag Munshi M.S. Orth (Bom), D. Orth (Bom), DNB Orth,Mch Orth (UK), FRCS Gen Surg.
(UK), FRCS Orth(UK) available on first and third Thursday of every month by prior

Following are the package charges for Total Knee Replacement (TKR)

Special Room- Rs. 1, 75,000.00
Twin Shaing- Rs. 1, 50,000.00

Location: Building No 2, Second Floor.


Pathology Department

Our Pathology Laboratory is equipped with:
a) Hematology – (Fully automatic cell counter machine where 18 parameter of blood can be checked).
b) Biochemistry (Auto analyser & Semi auto analyser)
c) Blood Gas Analysis
d) Electrolyte Analysis
e) Special Test Analysis
f) Serology Analysis

Note – for almost all cases,eg. Lipid profile – Cholesterol etc. required 12 hrs. Fasting.

Full time pathologist: Dr. Sameer Kadam

Honourable Pathologist: Dr.Neeta Ravi & Dr.Rahul Pandey

Location: Building no.2, Ground floor

Timing–07.00 am to 07.00pm

Report collection timing : 05.00 pm to 07.00 pm

Emergency service available

P. F. T.

Pulmonary Function Tests (PFT)

Pulmonary Function Tests (PFTs), measuring lung function, specifically the measurement of the amount (volume) and/or speed (flow) of air that can be inhaled and exhaled. Spirometry is an important tool used for generating pneumotachographs which are helpful in assessing conditions such as asthma, pulmonary fibrosis, cystic fibrosis, and COPD.

Location: New Building No.2 Ground Floor, Room No.08

Timing: Morning 07.00 Am to 03.00 Pm (Except Sunday)


Physiotherapy Department

Types of physiotherapy.
1. Exercises
2. Short wave diathermy / IFT
3. Electric stimulation
4. C.P.M. for knee exercise
5. Traction.  (Neck or Back)
6. Ultra Sound
7. Wax-Bath

Location – New Building No.03, Ground Floor, Room no.01.

Attending Physiotherapists:

Mrs. Shubhada Dewolkar - 08.30 am to 10.00 am
Ms. Delisa Bar - 10.00 am to 12.00 pm
Mr. Aby Mathew - 04.30 pm to 06.00 pm
Mr. Likhit Samant - 06.30 pm to 07.30 pm



In modern medicine Colour Doppler and Ultra Sonography machines play a crucial role in accurately diagnosing the illness of patients.
These tests reveal how the organs function in patient’s body.

a. Abdomen and Pelvis (Drink 2-3 glasses water for better result, Fasting not required)
b. Upper Abdomen
c. K.U.B (Drink maximum water to fill bladder)
d. Pelvis (Drink maximum water to fill bladder)
e. Pregnancy (No need to drink water.)

Full time Sonologist: Dr.Michelle Pereira / Dr. Pankaj Patil

Location: New Building, Ground Floor, Room No: 4

Timing - 09.30 am to 01.00 pm & 05.00 pm to 07.00 pm


Stress Test

Stress Test

In order to find out functioning of the heart, during running on Tread Mill this test is performed. The leads of computerized ECG machine connected to patient chest and an ECG is taken for 7 to 10 minutes. The same ECG compared with his stationary ECG and diagnosis may be drawn. This test is performed under close supervision of MD physician.

Location – Building No. 3, Ground Floor, Room No. 7

Hon’ble DoctorDr. Poonam Wankhede, Dr. Hemant Wagh
By appointment only


Digital X-Ray Department

X-Ray Chest , X-Ray Abdomen , X-Ray K.U.B , X-Ray all Spines , X-Ray Skull, X-Ray P.N.S., X-Ray Mastoids , X-Ray T.M.Joints , X-Ray Internal Auditory Canal
X-Ray Styloid Process and all extremities etc…


Barium Meal for stomach & Duodenum (Fasting required)
Barium Meal follow-through (Fasting and preparation required)
Barium Swallow
Barium Enema (Fasting and good preparation required )
X-Ray I.V.P. & K.U.B. (Fasting and a good preparation required)
M.C.U / A.S.U or D.R.U (No fasting and no preparation required) 

Full time Radiologist: Dr.Michelle Pereira / Dr. Pankaj Patil

All types of X-Rays can be done in this hospital

Location: New Building, Ground Floor, Room No: 3

Timing: Morning 07.00 am to Evening 07.00 pm.

Emergency service available

Ph: 2325018/ 2324220 / 2325019 Ext. 115