To Serve The Sick is To Serve God


In order to consult any MD Physician or Specialist, the patient is required to approach the admission counter at the entrance of the Building No. 3 (New Bldg.)

Timing – 24/7

All initial treatment is done in the causality department. All admissions are done through causality department only.Casuality services are available for 24/7. •

Free B.P. and weight checkup

Location: Building No.3, Ground Floor.

Discharge procedure
•Discharge of the patient will be authorized as per the doctor’s opinion. In case the patient relative wishes to be transferred to another hospital or be sent home against the advice of the doctor, the patient/relative would be required to sign a “Discharge Against Medical Advice” declaration and the hospital will not be responsible for any change in the patient’s condition thereafter.
•Your summary Reports/Discharge card will be given to you by floor staff at the time of discharge.
•Discharge procedure will commence after 11.00 am Note: For mediclaim patient - Figure of additional final bill amount is to be sent to mediclaim office by fax for their sanctioning which takes about two to three hours.